About Me


Hi! My name's Tom but my friends call me the Tropical Hotdog.

OK, so maybe they don't really call me that, but I wish they did.

Tropical Hotdog is the name of my little design utopia - even if it is just a one man band. I'm a freelance graphic designer living and working in London.

I've worked across a range of projects, from my home office or as an in-house freelancer at a number of agencies including Urban Nerds, Seen, Yadda Design (Bristol), Eleven Fifty Five, Clockwise Media and Learn From A Legend. I've worked on jobs across a number of clients including Nike, Puma, Natwest, RBS, Converse, Beats, Dr. Martens, McDonalds and many more. Everything from pitch decks to printed assets, digital invites to POS displays. 

Alongside my design work I also run an award winning music event and DJ from time to time (I've even made it onto Radio One don't you know!).

If you have a design project you need help with I'd love to hear about it. Similarly if you have any questions please get in touch!

Tom Bacon
Email me at:
Or call:  07737645217